Víctor López García, Experienced Software Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the online media, finance and services industries. Skilled in web and mobile application development, back-end services development and optimization, and systems integration.

What I do

  • Front-end

    Modern, intuitive, mobile-first user interfaces.

  • Back-end

    Fast, scalable, secure back-end services. Systems design, reengineering and optimization.

  • Data Solutions

    Data cleanup, scraping and database design.

  • Application Management

    Deployment and monitoring of live services.

What I use

  • Front-end

    Angular 6, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (vanilla ES, jQuery), WordPress Themes and Plugins development

  • Back-end

    Node, Express, PHP, JavaEE, AWS, JBossEAP, Payara Server

  • Data Persistence & Messaging

    MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, MSSQL, Redis, IBM MQ, RabbitMQ

  • Development and Testing Tooling

    Git, NPM, Grunt, Sass, BrowserSync

Recent Work

For Clients

Loan Management System

Loan management system, developed for a company in Honduras.

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Mailing Service

Private mailing system for account statements and marketing messages.

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Custom WordPress Development

Custom WordPress plugins for product and quotation management.

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Courses, coaching and workshops about different technologies.

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